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REHYDRATE was inspired by life’s active times when our body needs more hydration support and cooling off.

This carefully crafted blend brings herbs steeped in historic use for their beneficial properties. Rooibos has a sweet nutty flavor and contains polyphenol antioxidants, including flavonoids and phenolic acids that are purported to accelerate hydration. Elderflower helps reduce body temperature and allows natural fluid retention.

The addition of Willow Bark, one of the most sought after and highly recommended remedy herbs has medicinal properties believed to reduce mild headaches caused by dehydration. Chamomile is a terrific body destressor along with Licorice and Holy Basil, both used in herbalism for thousands of years as cooling herbs and assisting rehydration.                                                           

This blend is beautifully topped off with a touch of    cooling, calming peppermint, making this tea ideal served hot or cold.

Dehydration can be serious, if severe, please consult a doctor