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What is behind our inspirational teas?

The inspiration behind each of our teas is you. We have blended each tea for the ever changing life challenges and circumstances we may find our minds and bodies going through as we go about our daily lives.

From wellness concerns, to everyday pressures, to your desire to experience delicious flavors and wishes for toxin free drinks, we are passionate about creating herbal teas to help along your journey.

Add to this an emotional and physical need for support from nature, our line of loose teas offer a perfect solution. With nature fore front in our minds, we keep our packaging simple yet effective, bearing in mind your safety and our impact on the planet. Even our labels have no chemical glossy coatings and are printed using Eco friendly methods.

What most of us desire is to be our best self -naturally and deliciously, this  has always been our sincere commitment to provide for you.

Organic Tea Oregon Mama-Te-a-a

The story of our start to bring you these deliciously purposeful teas.

How Mama-te-a came to life began on foundations born decades ago.

I, 'Mama T' grew up with the delights of traditional teas in England, often thought of as the home of true tea drinkers. My grandmother drank nothing else (other than her nighttime tipple of sherry!)  and those memories of tea as a warm comfort to heal the body & spirit, for any situation, resonates in my heart & soul to this day.

It wasn't until 2016 and the devastating news that my 26 yr old daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer that I turned to seek out a deeper understanding of the power of medicinal herbs.  I had grown and eaten herbs for years and how to best blend them to support her during her healing process became a personal mission. Having just bought a small homestead in Helvetia, Oregon - with a vision to grow chemical & toxin free herbs and vegetables, for our family & community, my new motivation to take on a huge learning curve began- to find out all about the many health benefits of natural herbs, gaining insights and knowledge based on ancient wisdom -often known & used for hundreds of years, along with researching the findings of modern science whenever available. 

An interest turned to a passion. Having always been an avid hobby gardener, I began growing more varied and specific herbs, learning and understanding the many uses and holistic medicinal support properties behind each plant & started creating tea blends to soothe & support my daughter through her aggressive cancer treatments and recovery. Consulting with an herbalist, and progressive doctors, the many benefits of teas became abundantly apparent.

And so began the roots of the first blend - RECOVER #1,  a wonderful combination of supportive herbs that have been historically used to support the body through its own healing process.

Before long, Mama Teamaker became a fond nickname as I began blending as a means to addressing many more of life's challenges. Without making false far out claims of cures and miracles, the inspiration behind each tea is to seek out herbs believed to be beneficial and supportive to a wide variety of issues we may face each day and make them delicious!

I am happy to report my daughter is now doing well and less than a year from stopping treatment, a true miracle arrived that shocked everyone including her medical team, my first beautiful grandson, healthy and both mom & he are doing great. 

It is our commitment and promise to bring you high quality teas, free of harmful chemicals, pure dried natural plants, sourcing our ingredients from farmers using responsible practices, organically grown (about 98% are USDA organically certified), along with a large dose of Mama T hugs!

Baby in a teacup with Recover Herbal Tea

Our miracle Grandson....

Our signature RE names for remedy focused teas.

Each of our small batch hand-blended organic herbal teas that begin with our signature RE name, has its blend formula focused on medicinal herb remedy knowledge and deliciously combines each quality ingredient to specifically target a challenge or need. 

Our teas never contain added  flavorings, natural or unnatural, nor any extracts to alter them just for taste, but rather are complexly combined to naturally bring the best possible taste experience, with all ingredients playing their symbiotic part towards the inspired goal.

We have 3 main categories of teas.

Herbal No Caffeine Teas - these are teas made with herbs and contain no true tea (Camellia sinensis) leaves. Therefore, they are all naturally caffeine free. There is no 'decaffeinating' process. Technically these are correctly known as tisanes, but today, the term Tea is commonly used for herbs infused in hot water. 

Herbal Teas with Caffeine - these blends combine herbs with a variety of high quality true teas, from the Camellia sinensis plant, such as Oolong, Gunpowder, Green, White or Black Teas to create remedy teas with the extra added characteristics these beautiful flavors can create.

All About the Fun & Flavor Teas - This third category of our blends are solely inspired to create a specific desirable taste. An example would be our Freshen Up. This deliciously minty blend is all about  the wonderful crisp fresh taste of combining delicate peony white tea with peppermint. 


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