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FRESHEN UP is a crisp, fun blended tea that pairs       refreshing peppermint with White Peony Tea.

Peppermint has a long traditional history as a flavorful herb with its distinct fresh minty flavor. It is in fact a   natural hybrid between water mint and spearmint, native to Europe and now the US is the largest producer.

White Peony tea is from the traditional Camellia sinensis tea tree, carefully picking the new fresh leaves and buds while still young and tender. This takes place during the earliest part in the season and produces less caffeine. Known as white tea, the leaves undergo less of the     common processing such as oxidation and rolling,  resulting in a sweet milder taste without the astringent properties sometimes found  in regular green teas.

Fresh from its beginning to the blend we have hand crafted, this tea is sure to freshen you up. Hot or iced.



  • White Peony Tea  (Camellia sinsensis)

    Peppermint Leaves (Mentha x piperita)



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