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One of mother nature's best kept secrets is the benefits of Green Tea when applied to the skin. 
We have combined this natural skin toner with pure untreated Green French Clay, traditionally known for exfoliation, helping draw out impurities and promoting  skin circulation. 


Mix 1.5 tsp with 1 tbsp water.
Apply with your fingers or an applicator to skin.  Use up to twice per week for softer, exfoliated and nurtured skin.
Avoid eyes.  Leave on face about 10 to 15 mins or until mask dries. Using a warm wet facecloth, wash the mask off. Mask is deep natural green, so ensure you use a cloth that if stained will not concern you. Our green facecloths are ideal, found in the Face Mask Accessories (available seperately).



  • Green Tea Powder and French Green Clay.

    No Additives, preservatives or colorings. Just Add Water!


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