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Happy Hibiscus is a sharp, fresh uplifting tea, ideal hot or refreshingly iced.

We have combined these ingredients to hopefully energize your day and bring a happy smile to your face!


Hibiscus is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, plus is believed to help calm hypertension and lower blood pressure.


Honeybush has a slightly nutty sweet flavor and is most often drank in tea to assist your metabolism, boost the immune system and help your respiratory system.

Holy Basil is traditionally used to help mental clarity and is a wonderful adaptogen herb for balancing a stressed body.


This blend is rounded of with pieces of ginger, great for digestion and adding to the fresh complexity of this tea.


Honeybush, Hibiscus and Ginger are all great  ingredients to help assist with weight loss goals.






  • Hibiscus Flowers, Honeybush, Krishna Holy Basil, Ginger Root & Mama Hug

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