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RELEASE is a blend of traditional herbs used for centuries to naturally and gently increase Mom’s milk production.

Using only the best quality organic herb leaves, seeds and flowers, we ensure mothers tea is without harmful toxic chemicals and free of additives or flavorings. We have carefully and thoughtfully crafted an herbal tea blend that is a delightfully flavorful as it is healthy, both for you and your baby.

Each herb plays its part. Fenugreek and Goats Rue are believed to go back thousands of years to help increase flow. Fenugreek* and Fennel have several other healthy benefits such as soothing mild stomach discomfort, reducing constipation and gas. Nettle leaf has terrific properties for supporting the uterus. Other ingredients are mineral and vitamin rich, while chamomile, lemonbalm and mint are relaxing and soothing for the body to encourage gentle, natural let down and flow.


Do not use during pregnancy. For your own needs, we advise you always consult your health practitioner or lactation specialist regarding nursing questions or concerns.