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The REVEAL blend was inspired to support the upward and inward journey, to encourage the way we show up. It takes strength and vulnerability, courage yet calm, so this blend aims to ease you through the ups and downs by combining herbs that have been traditionally used to care for the heart emotionally, clear the mind and all the while renewing your strength and stable inner energy.

In Buddhism, the Blue Lotus Flower is a symbol of the victory of spirit over senses, the embodiment of the ‘perfection of wisdom’. Known for its euphoric yet relaxing effects, it is said to encourage a deeper sense of enlightenment. Hawthorn is a traditional plant for an emotional open heart. Sage is for clarity. Astralagus and Ashwagandha are adaptogen herbs believed to have normalizing effects on the body, increasing energy and stamina.



  • Blue Lotus Flower (Nymphaea caerulea), Sage Leaf (Salvia officinalis), Raw Cacao (Theombroma cacao), Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus), Hawthorn Leaf, Berries & Flower (Crataegus), Damiana Leaf (Turnera diffusa), Milky Oat Tops (Avena sativa) Astralagus Root (Astralagua propinquus), Ashwagandha Root (Withania somnifera) Rosehips (Rosa canina and Rosa rubiginosa) Mama Hug.






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