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We have blended this beautiful SUMMER DANCE tea from a base of high quality Japanese Sencha Tea with a stunning array of herbal flowers, producing a mellow, joyful tea with mild caffeine.

This is delicately balanced with the calming properties of chamomile, lavender,             chrysanthemum and rose. Yet the floral notes remain subtle and just hint of long summer days.

The buds and top leaves of the Camellia sinensis tea plant are harvested early,  then hand rolled, making needle shapes. They are then gently steamed before being dried.

Sencha is rich in nutrients such as Vitamin A, Carotene, and contains the highest Vitamin C content of the green teas.



  • Japanese Sencha Tea, Chamomile Flowers, Chrysanthemum Flowers, Red & Pink Rose Petal, Lavender, Mama Hug



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